• Municipal Street Reconstruction

    As one of our longest running services we have installed, maintained and reconstructed sewer and watermains for over 60 years throughout many municipalities in Northern Ontario.

  • Municipal Infrastructure

    Pedersen Construction (2013) Inc. have completed many municipal projects including water treatment plants, sewage lagoons and sewage lift stations.

  • Road Building

    Pedersen Construction (2013) Inc. build roads to any specification, purpose and need.  Whether you need a private road, municipal or MTO highways.

  • Drilling and Blasting

    Pedersen Construction (2013) Inc. offer service to drill and blast through any rock surface and remove the rock from the jobsite so you can complete your job.  We blast in any application, such as roadways, sewage lagoons, open pits, etc.

  • Ready-Mixed Concrete

    We offer standard and custom mix designs for ready-mix concrete to complete any job.  Whether it’s for your new basement, garage, sidewalks, curbs or commercial and industrial buildings we have the product for you.

  • Temporary Concrete Barriers

    Pedersen Construction (2013) Inc. offer MTO Approved, OPSD 911.140 (Type I) and OPSD 911.160 (Type M) Temporary Concrete Barriers (new or used) for rental or purchase.

  • Robertson Building Systems

    Pedersen Construction (2013) Inc. are a certified reseller and installer of Robertson Steel Buildings for over 25 years.

  • Mining - Tailings Dams

    Pedersen Construction (2013) Inc. specialize in custom yard work to suit any minesite needs such as roads, tailings ponds, extending berms, open pits, lagoons, etc.

  • Equipment Rentals

    Pedersen Construction (2013) Inc. have small, medium and large equipment available for rental which includes an operator for jobs of any size.

  • Snow Removal

    Pedersen Construction (2013) Inc. provide snow removal services for businesses in the Temiskaming Shores and surrounding area.

The cornerstone of Helmer Pedersen Construction Ltd. was the commitment to customer satisfaction.  Although the company has changed in a number of ways, customer satisfaction continues to be our #1 priority.  With this goal in mind we look forward to continuing to offer a wide range of services for the next 50+ years.

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